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Mid 16th century hat II

Hi everyone!

Weather wise things are rather unstable here, so are my projects, nevertheless lets carry on with the hat.

On my last post I was working on its "roof".
As said before I made a crossed paper strip sort of structure which I covered with little pieces of newspaper and glue. As also said before I wanted to avoid cardboard because of its weight but nevertheless gave a thin layer of paper clay not exactly to make the whole hat heavier but... thought it would help to get some interesting shape? Then covered all with some sheets of toilet paper and glue in order to "seal" the pieces of newspaper (didnt use liquid porcelain this time because I wanted to keep the wrinkly texture from the toilet paper)

During the drying process I noticed that the "roof", due to the paper clay, formed some unwanted shapes, the head wouldn't fit that well anymore but ... "not that well anymore" was still okay with me...
Time to make the sash!  The sash was super simple, just folded an entire sheet of newspaper and glued on the hat. 

Gave a coat of black acrylic colour on the whole piece and a coat of varnish on the sash (thus giving an idea of some silky fabric (I hope!)
Test drive time!

(looks like those from Tom of Finland's art work? LOL!)
Now all seems finished and time to start with jewels and plume as decoration, right? 


I decided that the "roof" was way too mishapen for my taste, so today I grabbed the cutter and made some changes!
Cutted off the part of my dislike and with cereal box cardboard (two sheets of it glued together and then all covered with pieces of newspaper and glue on both sides) I re-made the cutted bit and re-glued.
Now once after I cover both pieces on the inside the hat and give another coat of paint, yes, it will be time for decorations!!!

Ah (!) in the meantime, another doll making adventure, King D. João III (remember him? posted his photo on the last post!)!
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