segunda-feira, 22 de maio de 2017

Paper astronaut

Hi everyone!

Today I'm really happy because finally have a finished project that I can show and talk about, lol!

Some days ago, scrolling through my Pinterest, I bumped into a curious artifact that shows what seems to be someone driving a flying machine.
Kind of a "no big deal" indeed but its an object from a civilization that lived about 3.000 years ago, the Olmecs!

Mostly known from the colossal heads they left us (that one day I hope to do one too), I must confess that when I started this project I thought it was a Mayan or Aztecan artifact.
Although rather simple to do, took me more time than expected because in the meantime I flew (such an appropriate term!) in between other projects.

So, its recipe?

First I roughly drew the figure on a piece of cardboard,  
then covered with paper clay (from a simple batch of chewed paper+water+glue)
and left it to dry ... :)

As its hot it took only some hours to dry. Afterwards and to distract my eyes from all the texture left by the paper clay, I covered all with sheet of toilet paper and, with air drying modeling paste, remade some details specially the head. Also used a sharp tool to "scratch" the thing here and there ;)

If you ever watched my YouTube channel you probably heard  me talking about what google translator translates as "bitumen" although its not what google images shows me... Its a wonderful super fast drying paste that I'm absolutely enchanted about and have been using lots. 
On this piece, even before doing the scratchings, I used the bitumen t cover some gaps, redefining designs, etc. 
Everything dried and ready, time to paint fun!
For the paint fun I was hoping to achieve some rusty kind of look so I splashed all with burnt sienna with several touches of blue, red and orange. 
Not satisfied, ended up by applying metallic gold highlight and a coat of water based varnish.
And voilá, it was basically it! ;)

Please bare in mind that I wasn't aiming to do a proper copy. 
Actually my paper mache historical props are more of an expressionist impression of an historical item that in the end, I hope, looks kind of fun and somewhat kitsch but with a overall "please remember history" message :)
Thanks for visiting, share it and DO this at home, have fun! ;)