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Late sixteenth century paper mache hat VI - FINISHED!

 Hi everyone!

 Yeap, the hat is finished, yey!!!
 On my last post everything within the hat was done except painting the sash's pompon, under the brim and varnishing the paper "embroidered" roses.

 After taking care of those, the jewels making was another adventure! 
Plume wise I first thought upon a fluffy sort of geiser surrounded by other coloured ones falling down around it but after trying it was more "better not". This... "geiser" as you can see is a simple sheet of printed paper which was hand cutted as a sort of spaghetti glued unto a piece of wire which, on its edge, has a fake plastic pearl with some balls of toilet paper that were gilded with metalic paint, and some glued plastic "diamonds" .
 Thought on painting the sheet of paper in white but then also thought it would look "cool" if I'd allow the whatever printed text to appear (actually is the monthly balance letter from my bank account, LOL!

  Wondering upon putting a jewel hanging from the geiser's middle, I've created a sort of ring on the middle (which also helps to sustain the overall pompon effect). This ring is a simple strip of cereal cardboard box to which I glued some toilet paper for the rough effect and also some plastic pearls and diamonds.

 For the jewel on the sash I thought upon a brooch and the ones from the Tudor epoch were for sure an inpiration!
  Since a so called "spiritual awakening" 5 years ago, I connect very well with crystals (also do crystal healing therapies by the way) and whenever I want to change something I "ask" and keep a piece of malachite crystal with me (normally works! Try!), so I thought upon representing malachite on the set of the jewels on the hat. Basically the malachite was modeled in toilet paper, covered with air drying modeling paste and then glued on a piece of cereal cardboard box. I wanted to represent a cameo inside but didnt managed... The rest is easy to see, glued plastic diamonds and pearls.:)

  The second piece within the hat jewel is a boat.
 A boat is a symbol of voyage, departure from old things to new things and thus represented in malachite crystal. Had a look upon some authentic late 16th century boat jewels photos and saw that some have the body of the hull made from a big pearl (so often amongst pieces of jewelry at that time!) thus I thought upon representing it with a chunk of expandable foam as in the end it can  resemble mother of pearl (well, almost!) but as the brooch had the malachite and its such a dear crystal to me I went back on my decision.
Again basically the hull is made out of a quarter of a circular shape covered with liquid porcelain and then simply painted black with a randomly applied coat of green, the mast is newspaper roll covered also with the same, the "things" on the edges are cereal cardboard box, the dove is a mix between air drying modeling paste and toilet paper, the sail is cereal cardboard box painted with some pearlish nail polish and... the rest, again, are plastic pearls and diamonds.

  Originally that's how I planned the jewels set but in the middle of the way, as I wrote before, thought upon being extravagant and placing the boat on the middle of the "geiser" plume, but then ended up by doing a sort of hook out of wire and now I can attach/detach both pieces.

It was only in the end of the end that I noticed that... the boat's front is pointing back! As the hat was conceived with a specific direction and I cant change nothing I'll just accept that as a sign of something, a sign that I either will "travel"  BACK through history everytime I'll put the hat or it means that soon enough I'll have to do another boat (or something else (a hat pendant jewel set collection to change according my moods! LOL!!))

 Well, voilá!

 I must say that I quite like the finished result (although the construction of the hat itself was a bit too medieval if not pre historic)!
The panache (plume) looks somewhat exotic, easily takes me to those days after the Portuguese discoveries and all was so full of excitment, exotism, splendour, colour ... !

After such adventure I'd really love to hear from you! Please comment, like, share and/or subscribe if you like my works. :)

 Thanks for visiting!

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