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Mid 16th century hat

Hi everyone!

Yes, you read it right, MID 16th century hat!
Of course that the idea was there way before finishing the late 16th century one, but as I only have two hands... ;)
 The inspiration came partially from the early french Valois kings (from Henri II to his sons François II and Charles IX (Henri III sometimes also wears them but on early portraits), paintings by François Clouet and also images of "my" own Kings, namely, D. João III and D. Sebastião
D. João III King of Portugal
Henri II King of France
Charles IX King of France
Based upon experience, this time I wanted to avoid cardboard because it gets rather heavy afterwards. Plus, the idea upon the "how to" had been fermenting on my mind already a while ago so it was only a question of start doing it!

For the first time, hat wise, I took my friend - the bust - measured its head and with thick paper (80grams) made a sort of headband. On this headband, all around it, I glued little strips of the same paper.
Looks like the Staue of Liberty, right? Lol!
Now the idea was to make two similar brims, one for below and another for the top. For this thought of cutting some strips of newspaper slightly rounded in order to go along with the headband format.
Glued some on the lower brim and had a look at the mirror to see how it looked (yeah, sure!)

The same procedure on the top, ending with something like this

Using the upper brim as border to make the "roof", I glued some crossed strips of that same thick paper.
Then it will be only a question of covering all these crossed "paths" with pieces of newspaper glued in layers and see whats next!
Already looks like a crown, awwwww!
Stay tunned for there will be more!

Thank you :)

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