sexta-feira, 6 de julho de 2018

More papercrete busts!

Hi everyone!

As much as one works full time and barely has time to do whatever during the days off, I decided to try and make a new papercrete bust (yes, whilst still working on the "older" one).

Some days ago I was placed to work on the so called "Countess Edla's chalet" and that prompted me to regain an old project of making her bust.

Today was the day!
One day I'll post extensively about the process but let me just tell you that once upon a time I made a papercrete bust sketch and left it to dry. From then on I place a plastic bag over that sketch and covered the front with papercrete. Once dried, I take that off and make the same for the back.
After having both sides dried, I join both together with fresh papercrete clay and whilst doing so, I start already sketching the face. That's what you're seeing on the photo above.

Regarding the "old bust", I've been repairing some areas and adding some curls on the wig. The shoulder area still needs lots of work though. Each roll is made out of newspaper that was glued on the figure and covered with papercrete.
The whole bust is papercete but on the smooth areas like on the cuirasse and face I've applied a thin layer of dasclay, it creates a nice texture contrast, don't you think?

Thanks for visiting and do comment ! ;)