sábado, 22 de abril de 2017

Paper fig slice making! Spring fun?

Hi everyone!

Its during spring with the hot weather that one feels more inclined to eat fruits, isn't it so? Yeap, but not me so... lets just pretend, ah ah ah

This post will give you some insight upon how to or how I did some slices of fig!
The materials I used were:

- toilet paper cardboard roll (the one that is left after one finishes all the paper
- newspaper
- toilet paper
- white glue
- acrylic paints - red, pink, white, yellow, green and black

So, first of all I cut some small "slices" of the cardboard roll ..,
... placed each cardboard slices on a piece of paper, imagined their shape, drew it on the paper with a slight thick border and with a circle in the middle because figs are hollow, right? (never mind the guy's face, was just on the paper :p
 So I cut off the shape, the middle and also did some cuts on the border. Placed the cardboard slice over and from the outside toward inside I glued each of those... dont know how to call them though... squares? flaps?
Ending with this (seen from the bottom)
 Then with the toilet paper I cut little squares or rectangles and made tiny rolls by rubbing them with my fingers (if your hands are too dry you can also wet them a bit)
Don't worry if the paper won't maintain the shape, that's probably a plus! ;)
 After applying glue on the "border" I've started gluing the little toilet paper rolls following the movement of the shape.
And after applying at least two layers of these little rolls I ended up with this
As the edges looked a bit "sauvage" I've glued some plain pieces of toilet paper between the cardboard edge until the rolls thus also creating a smother edge just like on a real fig (yeah, that white bit before the peel) For the peel also glued some plain toilet paper.

2nd fun bit - the painting!

So with a deep red I painted the middle with some magenta on the edges of the rolls, between that and the "peel" I applied a coat of white, then a bit of yellow (just a tiny bit) and on the edge edge a slight touch of green that I tried to merge with the yellowish white.
To "pretend" the seeds I could do two things. One was to create little balls either with wet paper or air drying clay and glue them on top and then paint them OR just paint little dots which was what I decided to do :)
For the peel  first I gave a sort of transparent coat of black and then, over it, a green one that merged with the black.

And that my friends was it!

Please bare in mind that I made these through a mental recollection, wasn't really trying to copy or to pretend that these fig slices would fool anyone :)

Thanks for visiting and, please, be creative!

Small step for a men, huge leap for mankind?

Hi everyone!

Its been a while since I haven't been working on a big papermache project and so I haven't been posting here lately.
Been doing some paintings, but mostly dolls ...

So I've decided to change this blog into a somewhat story showcase of all that I may be doing artwise and thus it will generate into more content.

Thank you :)