quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2016

Mid XIX century hat

Hi everyone!

Sooner than I expected, started a new historical hat.

 This time and inspired by the Palácio da Pena's construction period and its founder - King Ferdinand Saxe Coburg und Gotha - planned my next hat to be around 1860s which means a simple cylinder shape and a small straight brim.

With already some experience from the past two hats I constructed, this one is made from cereal box cardboard because of its lightness.

For the "body" I used this very simple "formula"

some tries for the head size measure
For the brim I used normal cardboard because wanted some stability once it's, afterall, the base of the hat. Also, to fit within the head, thought that something thicker would be better.

As I didnt took any photo of the final "ensemble" can only say that once again geometry wise all looked rather disastrous so I took some paper clay paste, tried to redefine the circular shape on the top and, basically, now I'm waiting for it to dry and to cover all with several toilet paper sheets  in order to equalize all. ;)

Thats all for tonight folks, thanks for visiting and following. 

Hope that 2017 will be a tremendous creative year for us all, yey!! :D