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Do you like cakes? Paper mache "pastel de nata"

Hi everyone!

If you ever been in Portugal or Lisbon for sure you know what "pastel de nata" or "pastel de belem" are, right?

If not, allow me to take you on a small history voyage:
In 1820s there was a revolution between liberals and non liberals, liberals won and one of the measure was to abolish religion not only from the state but also from public life. Under that law all the convents and monasteries were closed. In order to survive many monks and nuns sold their ancient recipes of all their famous pasteries.
That was exactly what happend to the hieronymite monks who lived in the now called "Mosteiro dos Jerónimos"  near the Tagus river in Belém, Lisbon. They started to sell these egg tart pasteries in order to survive until they ended up by selling the recipe to a nearby sugar refinery which ended by opening the shop where one can buy them still today!

There are "pastel de belem" but there are also "pastel de nata". Some people think they are both the same but they taste different, the secret within the recipe of the first ones no one knows, but... I honestly prefer pastel de nata (these are sold almost everywhere, even in China!).

As I wasnt sure of the result I didnt took photos of the process but it was extremely simple. Just filled those tin cake "things" with strips of newspaper and glue, added toilet paper roll to make the pastry's edge and for the egg cream I filled it again with toilet paper and glue. For the final touch I covered all with liquid cold porcelain, played around with some pale acrylic browns and yellows and gave a thin coat of varnish on the cream to give some realism to it. Voilá!


Curiously enough when we went out for breakfast today and I took this latest oeuvre to be shown to the patisserie owners (Patisserie/restaurant MOURISCA in S. Pedro de Sintra (by the way)) they liked it so much that asked me some to decorate their front window! Cool!!!

In the meantime I've aploaded the "pastel de nata" to artfinder priced 20€, but if you also have a patisserie that you'd like to decorate (with either these or others cakes), or just like cakes, you can buy directly from me if you prefer, just tell how many and wich size you'd like (this one is around 6cm x 3cm)!

Thanks for visiting!

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