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Mid 16th century hat III - FINISHED!

Hi everyone!

Its been almost a month since I wanted to post the finished mid 16th century hat but somehow the whole constructing things became a bit non sense and not only I turned more into doll making, but also, once having the other hat with the ruff together, alongside that video you probably watched on my facebook page I've also started a painting (which has been slightly draining my attention and energy from whatever.

Anyhow (!), so on the last post I said I wasnt pleased with its "roof" so I've replaced it with two sheets of cereal cardboard and then covered with newspaper paper pieces and glue.
Again gave a coat of sheets of toilet paper to equalize the overall texture, and around the brim, like on the other hat, little toilet paper rolls to fake the stiches.
 Now everything pretty much finished it was time to re-paint all with some coats of black tempera.

As for decoration I went again to have a look upon the French Valois Kings and came up with making in cereal cardboard some sort of cross like "thing" unto which I glued a square made of cardboard where I previously had glued a plastic red or white "diamond".
 The rest was to glue toilet paper on the edges, paint all in yellow plus a coat of metalic gold  in the end.
Made 5 of them, all glued on the"sash". Think its overall effective and easy to do!
It  looks rather convincing and from that epoch, so YAY!!!
The rest of the decoration, as you can see consist upon a sequence of a red sequin with half a plastic pearl glued on top. The same for the brim which visualy combined looks like a V coming from the sash.
As by then all these sort of hats had a plume this one would have to have one too!
Looking rather different from the one on the other hat, I dicided to try to use the same technique as I use whenever myroyaldolls need a plume - grabbed some sheets of toilet paper and folded each over itself whilst applying glue on the centers. After having already 3 of them I've assembled all on the hat, sprinkled them with some glue diluted in water and let it dry. After dried I remade the same process, glued these new sheets over the first ones and thus created a bit more of... of... dont know, just have a look yourself! ;)
 So in the end the overall result is this:

<3 <3 <3 Thanks for visiting! <3 <3 <3

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