domingo, 16 de outubro de 2016

Focusing on my Etsy shop

Hi everyone!

Autumn has arrived to Sintra and now the weather is cold and damp... not good for paper mache drying.

As we are struggling to find the means to get a new house, I havent been much focused on my overall creations except the ones I can post of my Etsy shop in order to try to generate some income. In fact, I remodeled some bits on it and now its all about what I call "myroyaldolls colectibles"  (funny enough when my earlier pet portrait painting postings were about to expired, someone bought me one - the big peacock portrait  (which I felt it was a nice sign as peacocks are birds whose spirit's symbol talks about transformation towards acknowledging the beauty of the inner self to the outter self). My very first Etsy sale!).

I feel that slowly I'm opening up my "subject" range and stop being so focused on historical dolls, nevertheless and because I wanted to make things happen, I decided to post all that I have made even if I think that people in general wouldn't be that much interested as they are so connected with Portuguese history - it's worth to try and if no one buys it's at least curriculum!

Some you've seen already:
Amália Rodrigues
Early victorian couple

D. Afonso Henriques

Queen D. Amélia de Orleans e Bragança

King D. Carlos I of Portugal

Prince D. Henrique "The Navigator" of Portugal

King D. João I of Portugal

King D. Sebastião I of Portugal

King Louis XIV of France

Like I said I'm planning to do more figures and of different subject, maybe pop stars, movie characters, some ancient gods, little aliens (lol!) BUT up until now la cerise sur le gateau is ... guess!
Marie Antoinette, Queen of France!
With even a photo of its "mid beginings", eh eh eh
Please come and have a look and share it with your friends!
There you'll see some descriptions and little stories that will make you wanting to know about their history