segunda-feira, 1 de setembro de 2014

Du luxe

Hi again!

The buttons, shown before, are part of an idea that I had which consists on "building" an XVIII century character in order to make guided historical walks here in Lisbon.

Alongside with those, others ideas started to pop up - ideas which came out of visual epoch requirements and that ended in good tests towards papercrete.

First used the paste to do the body for a Grand Cross of the Order of Santiago de Espada (order given to artists of merit.
For an XVIII century gentleman would be unthinkable to go on the streets without his cane. My lovely cane is made from a simple brum stick painted in black and varnished with both ends in papercrete.

The top was made out of a simple roll of stripes of paper with a disk shape and then all covered with the paste (used air drying modeling paste on the circular edges) and decorated it with red glass (sort of) bulb I found on the river shore some days ago and some plastic pearls. Painted it in gold and varnished
 For the tip I've cutted the stick a bit in V shape and covered with the paste. After dried I painted it and varnished.
Now the fun fun was making this!

This papercrete ring was made with a simple wire armature covered with the paste. After measuring my finger and making a "bed" for the crystal, started to wrap it with the paste. It took me 2 "wraping sessions" and in the end, after dried, sanded a bit, redefined the crystal edges and marked the spots where I wanted to put the other two (the orange is a real cornaline crystal (excelent to awake artistic "fevers"!!!) and the other two are glass ones (or plastic?)). Then again painted in gold (to match the buttons and cane).

I quite like the result and must say that I'm surprised with it!
Now my question is "is this real a fantasy ring or ... shall I wear it in daylife?" don't know ... What do you think?