sexta-feira, 15 de julho de 2016

Late sixteenth century paper mache hat III

Hi everyone!

From piss pot to flan, what comes next?

So I was playing with the paper clay (with already white glue), decided to re-work the top and insisting on a fairly noticeable sort of "hump" I added a cardboard donut shape, ...
... covered again with more paper clay and also redesigning what I'm planning to be some side seams with thin rolls of toilet paper. 
Out of a sudden the sash apeared!!!
The sash actually is a huge strip of paper that came inside a package from some stuff my twin flame bought online (no, not from etsy!).  Thought that if I'd roll it around above the brim could give a lovely sash and I wasnt wrong, right? Then just soaked in liquid porcelain (white glue + starch) to keep the shape.

With the top finished I noticed how some bits on the sides were crooked so took a knife, made some adjustments, enhanced some of the toilet paper rolls (aka future seams), finishing by covering all with toilet paper and very watery wood glue.
Now that all of the making is finished, its time to start thinking about painting, sash decorations, possible jewels and plumes (real ones or paper mache? Humm....), yey!

Thanks for visiting! :)

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