domingo, 10 de julho de 2016

Late sixteenth century paper mache hat II

Hi everyone!

So where were we? Ah yes, on the last post I told you I had put paper clay to reshape the hat and was reshaping it with toilet paper, right, so here's a photo of it and let me show you how this adventure has been until now:
As you can see I basically worked mostly on the top. Also, on my previous post I said that there was lots of lumps that needed to be corrected but what I didnt noticed much was that whilst drying the paper clay had shrinked a bit so whilst working on the top I had to re-cover it with lots of toilet paper and glue as well as on some of the sides.

Trying to find the best solution to make the sash around the brim, I had seen a picture of a hat that looked rather cilinder and seems as if the top was just covered with some fancy cloth that was attached to the brim thus making some funny vertical folds (actually its photo is on my previous post) all over and I tried that too with some thing rolls of toilet paper.

Still without any ideias upon how to make the sash, I was able to find a few more examples of these kind of hats online and... once again felt that the edges on the top were too "rigid" whilst on the original ones are rounder  so without further ado, and whilst keeping the fake folds, I did cut them in hopes of re-shaping its top sharp cilinder shape ...

And after repairing it with toilet paper and glue it looked like this (oh yes, added some sort of button shaped... "thing"):
Still not happy with the flat top top and still some mishapes within the sides I decided to add more paper clay (still no sign of the sash though!) and this is how it looks today, already dried:
Which means that if before it looked like a piss pot, now looks like a flan! LOL

Fingers crossed, lots of patience and I'll keep you posted about how things develop!

Thanks for visiting!

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