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Late sixteenth century paper mache hat V

 Hi everyone!

 I'm back and with major advancements on my late 16th century hat!

 If you watched the latest post with a video, you heard me speaking about "stichings" and "embroidery".
The idea was to give a sort of silk embroidered roses as sort of pattern. For that, as I did on the seams, I drew the roses and marked the outline also with "strategic" points in order to pierce the hat's body, ...
   then glued that very same outline and filled the inside (with thin rolls of toilet paper), ...
 and painted all with acrylic colours whilst trying to give a (extremely) rough 3D appearance.
Side view
Side view near the sash
Top view

 The creme de la creme was covering the rest of the hat's body with liquid cold porcelain (ie water + white glue + starch) to ease the roughness of the toilet paper and then painting it with two coats greyish blue which matches wonderfully with the (finally) gilded seams and roses outlines). Have a look!
  I'm still wondering if to make a cut between the seams to give the idea that they are two pieces of cloth stitched together and also to varnish the roses, but... once the hat is almost finished, I've also added the "pompon" on the sash, am already designing some jewels and planning the feathers.

 Soon enough all will be finally finish! You will want to see it, right? So follow me either on this blog or through facebook, twitter @

Thanks for visiting! :D

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