domingo, 5 de abril de 2015

Papier pets

Havent been posting a while ago, I know!

You know how artists are, there is milions of things going on on my head and also creative wise that I dont really have the patient to write nothing (isnt it more fun to create something though?

Months ago I dived deeply into my MyRoyalDolls project, then I tried to get and endure some job (which didnt last long) and suddenly I thought I had to stand for myself and create something that wouldnt go much against my thoughts upon "commercial art" but not as intelectual as the dolls nor that would take much time to produce ...

Went into my "memory files" and decided to create something that was swirling in my mind since months! A chicken with a person's face!

Paper mache paper strips structure on a baloon and then covered with papercrete. Papercrete is fine but not only takes time to dry as it moistered lots the balloon thing so I quit (feeling rather angry I must say!) Time pasted and decided to go on again this time without papercrete! Paper strips quand meme but this time used tiny rolls of toilet paper soaked in glue (the very same ones I had used on the dragon and on some reliefs on my dolls, plus its excelent to "portray" feathers!
So I carried on, tale and wings out of cardboard, feet of two rolls of newspaper paper covered layers of toilet paper sheets, head and nails in air drying modeling paste, acrylic paint and varnish in the end and it worked fine!

Days after dived into a slight bigger project: a turkey!
The turkey was a bit tricky as I had to play more with shapes but it was fun, ah ah ah

Weeks after decided to do a little rooster!

The result of the mentioned above was this:

And finally:

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