quarta-feira, 15 de abril de 2015

Blue or envy blue?

I always liked birds and the late human faced birds have been quite a fever for me!

More than wanting to create something easy / quick enough in order to try the "outside studio's" eventual market has taught me to chill out so much more about and whilst creating that im grateful for it. 

Thank you guys!

The transformation of the "chill out" energetic vibration into "fun" has been bringing me even more fun, so much so that, after posting some of these works on the (magnificent!) website ultimatepapermache.com, I was invited by the host - Jonny Good (a lady whom I watch on youtube for more than 4 to 5 years!)- to write a "how I made" article! Wow!

Time to construct something new!
Pigeons are always fun, specially the males alround the females. Arent they annoying though? I bet the ladys think that ... Nevertheless I decided that those very "love dances" were the motto for my next sculpture!

Each step was photographed and after some days all was ready, written, explained and a couple of days ago my work was published on and here`s the link, do enjoy!!


                                                                 Thank you Jonny ;)

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