sexta-feira, 24 de abril de 2015

Lord Ganesha

From older posts you might have seen my crush on toilet paper. It is an amazingly plastic material so much so that I thought on creating full sculptures out of it.

Its been ages that I'm to create a sculpture of Lord Ganesha and felt the time was now!

For the basic structure I used a balloon, half a rubber ball to make the upper body, a smaller ball (which I made in 2 halfs and then glued) and some cartouche for the arms (legs are to be added afterwords.
For the face made the trunk out of aluminium foil and cardobard for the ears. Then it was toilet paper all way through!

The face was fun fun fun! As you can see its layer upon layer of little rolls, balls covered with plain sheets of the paper, the tusks oo!
now the body, as Im working on the arms has been a bit challenging as I'm feeling a bit anxious to finish it, although it dries fast, its still a bit ... hummmm........ ;) 

So I had an idea! How about adding starch to my already existing papercrete paste in order to become a bit more moddeling paste instead of just "covering" paste? This is also because the dried toilet paper is really good for someone who like texture on their works which isnt really my case ... Ok, I do like on some clothes or something but on skin not! So ... I will have a go on it!



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