sexta-feira, 29 de junho de 2018

TDYM (to do it myself)?!

Hi everyone!

Suddenly after finishing school I wrote again to the enterprise that manages all the historical spots here in Sintra and within some days I was finally accepted to work for / with them!
Entered on the 15 of May and became a full time visitor assistant at the National Palace !

Meanwhile and because I had an exhibition planned for July in Lisbon, wrote an email to the guy whom had arranged and planned everything with. He answers that had quit his job and for me to write to the place or the owner... I tried but up until now didn't got word from it back. So I decided to put some of the paintings on my etsy shop instead.
As ordoeuvre I'll post only one which means that if you have any interested you can visit the shop here !
The motto for the painting series was collecting images of guys from social media and transform them into early 18th century gentlemen !

Thanks !

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