sexta-feira, 27 de abril de 2018

En route toward... novelty?

Hi everyone!

My agenda for May suddenly became interesting!

On the 1st weekend I'm to participate on a art / flea market in a very trendy art / flea market (lol) in Lisbon and on the 9th there'll be the final signatures "grande cérémonie" at school and thus I'll be finishing high school (almost 20 years later ... ). Because of such status its supposed to mean that I'll be able to find "better" jobs, but its just... bollocks... ! Why? There are no jobs apart from bar tender as Portugal became this huge bar for tourists and my hands shake too much for such tasks (lol) ...
Soon Sintra's city hall will launch the art prize contest "D. Fernando II" for which I've been planning a sculpture but haven't finished yet (oups!)

On the other hand I've really been thinking on myself, what I want and can want and what to do. NO IDEA! Artistic wise for sure, but the rest?

Eventual possibilities :

  1. Something will happen from / after my participation on the art flea market.
  2.  If I earn some € on the flea market I can try to apply for an artist residence somewhere within the country in order to "get away" for a while and work on a specific thing whilst meeting new art driven people. No idea of prices but I've already been inquiring.
  3. Stay where I am, with no space neither for me nor for whomever I'm with whilst striving striving striving for a job.
  4.  Go back to my parents (which would be disastrous ...
  5. Going back to Lisbon? No money to rent nothing UNLESS (again) in the art flea market I get to make some money and know someone who's looking for housemates and then start from there.
  6. Cut the wrists.

Which one do I prefer? None! None because they are all forced decisions!

  1.  Whenever I or we visit Lisbon I tend to feel utterly tired with its mess, people, noise, pollution, etc and all is utterly expensive although, yes, has free culture everywhere (and even if that "culture" doesn't fit me or sounds way too nonsense or "fast food" in order to sell it either dummies or tourists, there are always the museums), so... not all that that bad overall!
  2.  Going somewhere in the country side where rents are indeed cheap but nothing happens and  neighbors tend to see others as aliens. I've experienced that already and... no thanks! 
  3. Even going deeper in the middle of nothing I have no license drive nor car for shopping making + have no goals of living like Buddha (although some fasting wouldn't be that bad!
  4.  Doing a residence in an artist "place" sounds good BUT its a bit like voluntary work on some farm: one has to gather the money for the trip, doesn't earn nothing along that time, has to pay just like on any other hotel service and in the end, one did had the possibility to construct some work but... how to carry it on the train back home (wherever or if there is still a "home" to go afterwards ... !)?

Overall needs:

  1. Money;
  2. Job;
  3. Sponsorship program;
  4. Sponsor;
  5. Contacts;
  6. To be seen;
  7. Contacts:
  8. To be seen;
  9. Being within a place, an area or community of artists to generate contacts apart from online social media;
  10. Contacts;
  11. To be seen;
  12. Contacts;
  13. To be seen
Up until now I find out that there are indeed groups that took over some buildings and are now renting studios. The "co-working" places are becoming very trendy here but besides all sounding like an estate agencies disguised as "trendy artsy place for you to work and meet friends", they are also expensive!

If I'd like to try to have a studio in, lets say, LxFactory? Yes! Can I afford it? No way! That would mean €€ for studio + place to stay + food = lots.

If I'd like to try to live in an artist community somewhere like those new age ones? Yes! Do they exist though? Google couldn't tell ...

Overall wished results:

  1. to be able to have a space to work to...
  2. ... be able to gather a body of work and apply for exhibitions, fairs, museums, etc!  

I did thought upon a "baroque community". Sounded a bit funny but... imagine a group devoted to arts in general living on a place with the goal of enjoying life as if in the 17 /18th century and bringing that fun for others? Getting a place specially decorated where couples could visit for their marriage photos? where kids could visit and learn a particular theme or activity within that historical period? A place through where one could sell crafts or teach specific skills!
 I see on instagram so many people dressing up in historical fashions and going to fairs or special events at Versailles that its sad that here there isn't such costume. There are a few medieval / renaissance an even baroque fairs but BY GOD they are utterly DISGUSTING! If you want to get easily depressed visit one of them! But still there are people that get easily amused or satisfied ...

 I'm basically throwing all the possibilities that I can think of out loud. Maybe some make more sense than others or maybe you'll come up with even more? 
If so do leave a comment or send me an email @

In the meantime I'll carry on doing my "Figuras de Convite" for the market event which I'm also preparing a neo baroque kind of frame to paint a selfie on and put on display as well as a box for the upcoming goodies! All papermache ! ;)


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