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DIY - miniature cutting board - the lesson

Hi everyone!

With this upcoming heart miniature fever I thought, as Halloween is also coming, to have some fun and one of the ideas involves a cutting board (two in fact, for two planned miniatures)

Again one of the things I don't like about polymer clay is the sort of final looks, a bit waxy I think although I understand that holds good whatever one "inflicts" on it. Either way, and as I wrote before, I don't like it so in order to do my cutting board I used the usual materials: cardboard, newspaper, air drying clay, liquid cold porcelain to assemble all and give good surface, acrylic paint and matt varnish.

Didn't took images of the process but its easy to imagine:
Took a piece of cereal cardboard and cut the shape with wanted size, then added several layers of newspaper on both sides. Left it to dry. After obtaining some thickness (maybe 2 millimeters?) I've reinforced the edges with air drying clay in order to sharpen them just like on a real one. Coated with liquid cold porcelain on which, whilst drying, tried to make scratches with a needlet. First coat of brown acrylic paint. Second coat of black paint which was whipped out to obtain the usuall look of used and, well, finally coated with water based matt varnish.

Here's a blurred photo but I guess one can still see something of it, eh eh eh
As you can see its super easy to do, doesn't need special materials or clays, doesn't need to be baked and the result is very satisfying !

The lesson? Well, the lesson for me was that all of this work isn't really to state any war against polymer clay or any other trend, its just a fun construction process that is good for my soul :)

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Thanks again ;)

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