domingo, 17 de setembro de 2017

Handmade mixed media miniature hearts

Hi everyone!

Finally finished the whole 4 of them!

Doing hearts is a great deal of fun but also can become a bit complicated not only because everything is very small but also because each time I look at a photo/image of a real one I see different things, thus all the hearts I have been doing also look different (that can also be fun when one isn't a "purist", right?

Everything starts with a clump of soaked in glue piece of toilet paper onto which, after dried, I start to apply little clumps of either more toilet paper or air drying clay. In the mean time I already did the tubes and because my table is wood and they are really tiny, all dries fast! Some thin straight ones, some c shaped ones, some thin, others thicker, doesn't matter :)

To secure all and give a special touch I brush the figure with liquid cold porcelain (more water + glue than starch)

Then its all about trying to understand what fits where, adjust the "meat" around the tubes with - again - toilet paper or air drying clay - and let dry ...

The base is 2 slices of air drying clay. On the smaller one I insert a metal pin and glue the bigger slice which, by doing so, the pin doesnt move anymore.

Heart is dried by then so I can attach it to the pin / base.

Time to paint! Reds, pinks, flesh colors adding some blue which I dilute with the existing red colors and becomes a bit purplish ... On the tubes I give a coat of thin white and a black dot to "pretend" the hollowness of it. Wrap the pin with toilet paper and paint with metallic grey.

Final touch is by bushing the mini sculpture with a water based varnish!

For the brown one, on the second photo, I played only with brown and black colors.

They are available on my shop @ in case you are still trying to get that special miniature for your Halloween dollhouse decoration!

Thank you  

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