segunda-feira, 2 de outubro de 2017

to Cynthia Crawford's loving memory and our "imaginary" friends

Hi everyone!

It was only yesterday that I became aware, through Instagram, of Cynthia Crawford's passing ...

If you don't know her, no I don't mean the model (google always wants to trick me too), I mean the ET sculptor that is mostly famous for stating being a hybrid (part human, part alien)

I came across her work some years ago. By the time I had "awakened" myself (whatever that means) and was doing small busts of some of the beings or entities that were jumping into my energy / awareness whilst meditating. By then I was trying to get some feedback from my social media but with no results. Finding her work online was a somewhat relief but also stressing because yet again all the beings she spoke of  didn't "matched" mine. Of course that by then my idea of reality was still based on believing that reality is built from an idea of outside towards the inside, eh eh eh

I wrote to her trough her website and amazingly she did answer (wow!). We exchanged some emails now and then because I always felt that she was my bridge to that king of awkward part of myself that filled me with... not really shame but something "strange" or way to strange but also with wonder and thus it became my trigger (even through only watching her on YouTube)

Nevertheless and yet again my idea of reality was "wrong" and as I never got the attention that I was craving in order not only to show my work but to "tell" each entity's message, I decided to destroy  that part of my work and carry on with the historical figures.

Last year I started slowly re- doing some as I felt a bit more connected with that "section" of self but was soon discouraged by the same reasons as before.

Nowadays although I tend to think that I'm more "inclined" towards opening up bridges between us in 2017 with other historical epochs, I know that it's my personal choice to use (or not) my talents to create or open other bridges towards... anything or anywhere!

Always seen Cynthia coming from a spaceship, looking always very tall and wearing a shimmering golden kind of cloak. Always felt her rather close but alas, within the idea of physical existence, I never had the chance neither to meet her personally or to get one of her sculptures :(
Thank you Cynthia and sorry for the sometimes cry baby tone emails!

Here's the link to her website

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