quarta-feira, 28 de junho de 2017

My paper dolls

Hi everyone!

As I continue to build more and more dolls and getting such wonderful reviews from friends, doll makers and other people in general, the idea of registering my project as a brand gets stronger by the day!
My plan is, after doing so, to have a selling website and share the work as much as I can.
There are still some insecurities, specially regarding pricing them or if after bought how would I send them? Would be nice a box with myroyaldolls logo but I guess that would cost lots of even more money, no? What do you think or what is your experience?

Needing 150 euros for the registering, anyone? my paypal address is myroyaldolls@gmail.com
Can paint your portrait as exchange, thank you ;) ;) ;)

With Marie Antoinette's blessings ;)

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