terça-feira, 26 de agosto de 2014


Thought about doing a video but as always there is the question "in english or portuguese?" and as I dont know how to put subtitles on videos (yet!) decided to "show it through words (although may sound a bit boring ... )

Creating, for me, is as almost like doing crystal healing or spiritual reconnecting sessions (either on others or myself) meaning I always end up by picking up the right crystal that someone or myself needs. On arts I end up by creating something that simbolizes another something that I may need.

Remember the first photo? Always wanted to make a dragon and so I started BUT within time, after having the "cage" ready and starting to cover it with paper I felt that "it wasnt it" and would have to spend lots of paper to equalise all into the shape I wanted... Once I had the head already modeled with papier mache decided to keep the face and throw the rest away.

In the meantime had an iluminated whisper and decided to try papercrete!  Papercrete really answers most technical question I still had whilst working with paper mache. 

But first I had some tries ...

Cutted the dragon's head in two and on one I tried toilet paper with water, cement, oil and glue, the other I used the same ingredients but instead of cement I used plaster.

The plastered one dried  a bit faster than the cement half but wasnt really what I had expected so again it was time to choose and only kept the cement one.

From then on the whole sculpture became like some sort of school course! Made the eye, the "beard" (?) and the small horns out of air drying modelling paste, the big horn was out of tin foil covered in toilet paper soaked on glue and then after dried I've brushed it with liquid cold porcelain, and finally the eye socket, the ear (I'm used to see online dragons with ears but never saw dinosaurs with, so ...), the relief around all the horn, nostril, lips and the membrane below the jaw is made out of soaked toilet paper on glue and then modeled.

The base is made of two slabs of cardoard covered with creamy papercrete (yes, like a birthday cake!)


Paint wise used some shiny copper paint, then some gold on top as well as acrilic yellow and some green (still not sure about the green but still .... ) Much much later painted the base with green too (planning to glaze it one fine day, eh eh eh

So the dragon, spirituality, me and myself : on my inner point of view dragons symbolise life energy and indeed I've started doing him when we started to search for a new house, new location, new life. For sure the Sacred Spirit of the Dragon inspired us with his fire!


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