sexta-feira, 24 de junho de 2016

Paper mache Portuguese baroque royal coat of arms

Hi everyone!

I've started this coat of arms ages ago! It was one of those projects that require lots of time and as I have lots of mood swings and inspiration takes me to different ideas within minutes I thought this would be another project to end up on the garbage!

As today I thought upon the old idea of doing videos with my historical figures, also thought that if I'd finish the coat of arms could give a nice touch to the background so here I go!

I dont like easy things so when I decided to make a coat of arms I decided to go on a baroque or rococo style as its my favourite artistic and historical epoch.

Dont have any photos of its beginings but I can tell you a little bit. I took a plaque of cardboard and cutted it according to the shape I want, then I filled its center with some cardboard left overs and modeled it with toilet paper, Also in cardboard I've designed the shields and the towers. Because the exterior is to pretend to be made from a shell I've created some "walls", covered it with paper stripes and now I'm remodeling its interior with toilet paper as its soft and, as you know, its one of my favourite moddeling pasts when soaked in glue!


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