quarta-feira, 22 de junho de 2016

"MyRoyalDolls Collectibles"

Hi everyone, its been a while since I dont post nothing, true. So so sorry!

I have been quite busy on producing stuff and then there's an obvious lack of energy to write things down... But I'm back and willing to share!

Much as been going on - not only creative wise - wanted to get rid of all my projects, some I've putted them on the garbage, others I tried to offer them... ALL in order to have more space free to work on other things.

Whilst intelectualy wise my MyRoyalDolls project took over of all my atention, I thought that the so called "birdies" (sculptures of birds with human faces) could also be commercial here in Sintra (as I've tried them in Lisbon) so I started to do some contacts online with shops and from the few that answered I ended up by going to a really cool one owned by a really nice gentleman - H'art Portugal (@ https://www.facebook.com/HartPortugal) who, instead of liking the animal sculptures, was much fond of the royal dolls! I said "thanks but no thanks!" as its my personal collection! But ... within minutes I thought upon doing smaller versions and the "MyRoyalDolls Collectibles" were born!!!

King Sebastian I of Portugal

Victorian couple
Fado - Portugal's national song

Process making wise I first make a wire structure and fill it with toilet paper soaked in glue and the rest depends on its gender, attire, etc. For smoother surfaces, just like on the "big" MyRoyalDolls, I use air drying modelling paste and whenever I want to stiff a piece of paper (like a cloak or a skirt) I cover it with what I call cold porcelain liquid (which simply is starch+white glue+water)

Check out this "sketch" of an early 17th century lady and you'll understand a bit better the above description

Et voilá!

If you want to see more of these please go to myroyaldolls.wix.com/myroyaldolls - as soon as you decide the language the menu page will open and you clic on... well, whatever you want to see! Eh eh eh

Thank you for visiting!

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